Shao Wenhuan Solo Exhibition

Perspectives In the Distance

Three Shadows +3 Gallery is proud to present “Perspectives in the Distance”, a solo exhibition by artist Shao Wenhuan. Combinations of photography and painting, Shao's works are dark and kaleidoscopic puzzles of nature that surge with all usions to art history and the subjectivity of space.


It is easy to get absorbed into the worlds of Shao’s images. Photography is very much at the center, but he manages to conjure destabilized realities and alternate existences all the same. Stars, lakes, stones, the moon – these become hallucinatory landscapes of alienation, the universe turned inside-out. He turns away from the idea of a “correct” ordefinitive experience and blurs binaries: truth and fiction, existence and emptiness, certainty and the unknown.


In “Perspectivesin the Distance”, a large number of pieces meditate on forests and mountains encountered in Shao’s travels to the Yellow Mountains and Mount Fuchun (close to Hangzhou and famously depicted by the 14th century painter Huang Gongwang). Together, they constitute a metaphor with the trees as humans, the forests and mountains as society, and their disorder as a parallel to our own. Under the vast starry sky, we may believe we exist in an orderly universe, but its origin is fated to remain unknown.


While intervening in this debate about a true order, Shao also stresses the role of a sense of space in any such dispute. In works like Wings of a Phoenix Bird, the multidimensional rips of aluminum showcase Shao’s break from a single, black-and-white, subjective or objective worldview in his photography. It is not necessarily a rethinking of image consciousness (that is, the way the imageacts as a mirror) he strives for, but this rethinking of space.


REWIND AND FAST-FORWARD both opening at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and +3 Gallery on October 28, 2017.
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