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2017.10.28 - 2018.02.27 | 安娜伊思·马田摄影作品展

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冬季开放时间:11月15日起上午10:00-下午5:00 (周一闭馆)


地址:北京市朝阳区草场地艺术区155A 100015




安娜伊思·马田 ,17/06/2002 北京-天通苑  | Anaïs Martane, 17/06/2002 Beijing-Tiantongyuan




安娜伊思·马田 ,25/01/2003 北京-单店  | Anaïs Martane, 25/01/2003 Beijing-Dandian


安娜伊思·马田 ,04/03/2003 北京-“豪运”演出地点  | Anaïs Martane, 04/03/2003 Beijing-"Get Lucky Bar" Performance Venue









—— 安娜伊思·马田


安娜伊思·马田 ,20/03/2003 北京-霍营  | Anaïs Martane, 20/03/2003 Beijing-Huoying


安娜伊思·马田 ,04/03/2003 北京-“豪运”演出地点  | Anaïs Martane, 04/03/2003 Beijing-"Get Lucky Bar" Performance Venue


安娜伊思·马田 ,12/03/2003 北京-三里屯某一个餐厅  | Anaïs Martane, 12/03/2003 Beijing-A Restaurant in Sanlitun


安娜伊思·马田 ,25/01/2003 北京-单店  | Anaïs Martane, 25/01/2003 Beijing-Dandian



照片由Ying Chao拍摄 | Photographer: Ying Chao

安娜伊思·马田,法国尼斯人。14岁开始学习中文,毕业于法国国立东方语言文化学院,在巴黎学习6个月的摄影基础课程后,2001年以留学生身份来到中国,进入北京首都师范大学进修。起初她以业余摄影师的身份拍摄作品,后转向职业摄影师方向。2002年开始她加入了法国专业摄影机构“Traffic d’Images”,以新闻摄影师的身份为法国及其他国家的报刊杂志拍摄:法国解放报、法国世界报、Elle、玛丽嘉儿等。2004年后,她开始以肖像摄影师的身份为《时代》周刊拍摄照片,这也使得她有机会出版自己的第一本英法双语的摄影书《中国肖像Chinese Portraits》,这本囊括了40位当代中国见证者的书在全球范围内产生相当的影响。2002至2004年间,她拍摄了一组主题为“北京青年地下音乐”的作品,自此以后,她的作品自然而然地转向纪实摄影。有稳定的家庭和生活的她已在中国定居16年,活跃在多个艺术领域。


—— Anaïs Martane’s Photography Solo Exhibition

Organizer: Three Shadows +3 Gallery

Curator: RongRong

Opening: 16:00, Oct 28, 2017

Opening Venue: Three Shadows +3 Gallery

Duration: 10:00-18:00, Oct 28, 2017 - Feb 27, 2018 (Closed on Mondays)

Winter Opening Hours:10:00-17:00, From Nov 15, 2017 (Closed on Mondays)

Address: Caochangdi 155A, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015

Tele: 86-10-64319063

Email : info@plus3gallery.com

It is a great honor for Three Shadows +3 Gallery to present this solo exhibition of the photographer Anaïs Martane. It consists of nearly 50 silver gelatin prints that capture the daily routine of young underground musicians in Beijing from 2002 to 2004, giving an intimate view of their lives off-stage.

Here, aided by RongRong's curation and Three Shadows' darkroom, we see how Anais eloquently froze the young musicians' joy and melancholy. As both Martane and many of her subjects were strangers to the city, they became friends and eventually like family. Reflecting on the works, RongRong said, “What you have shot is a series of works brimming with warmth and authenticity. They are impressively touching. These scenes are now gone forever. These youth, seen here in their halcyon days, have built their families and settled down, as have their obstinate and unruly hearts. But photography documented the initial sincereness of them. Perhaps this is the meaning of photography, the charm of film, and the significance of Three Shadows. I wish you to share those pieces with us.” 

Artist Statement


This is how I call this series of photographs from the moment I started in 2002. 

A group of Foreign students. A bar in Sanlitun.

A concert a friend found -- how, I do not know. Empty. Nobody but us. Listening for the first time the music from an ancient time -- the music of the Wild Children. It’s not pop. It’s not a fad. It’s just perfect. Some friends speak to the band. They have their own bar in the bar street of south Sanlitun.

"Come!" they say. 

Zhang Quan, Xiao Suo, Zhang Weiwei, Guo Long, Xiao He, Wan Xiao Li, etc. They were young, they were doing music -- sincere music -- and they were far from home. They broke boundaries and models. They were choosing their own life, finding freedom in their passion and their hard work. WE found in THEM the bridge to dive deep into this impenetrable Chinese world, sharing our love for Emir Kusturica and Manu Chao’s music of life. We became friends instantly.

I photographed THEM, learning about becoming an adult in a foreign country, learning photography and patience, learning about friendship and mostly tolerance. They were my family.
Now we all have kids and our own life. When we meet, the emotion of our shared youth time is still and always willbe alive. Some of my friends married THEM. Since I stop photographing THEM, now it’s becomes US.
These images are the reflection of their life from 2002 to 2004 with moments of happiness and tragedy. 

      Anaïs Martane

 About  Anaïs Martane

Anaïs Martane is from Nice, France. She began learning Chinese at age 14 and continued to study the language at the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO). In 2001, she arrived in China as a foreign student to study at Beijing Capital Normal University and started to photograph as a hobby. In 2002 she published her first images through Traffic d’Images, a young French photography agency. She went on to work as press photographer for several French and foreign newspapers like Liberation, Le Monde, Telerama, Elle,and Marie Claire. After 2004 she started to work as portraitist for Time Magazine, which led to her first book“Chinese Portraits" published in both French and English and distributed worldwide. She photographed the youth of Beijing's underground music scene from 2002 to 2004. She has now lived in China for 16 years, she has since turned to producer of narrative cinema, theater and continues to work in multiple art diciplines.

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